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The pull of sexual temptation is strong, and many people struggle to find lasting recovery. It can be hard to find the right counselors and support groups. And even with those things in place, we can still struggle, because there's so much to learn, and so many destructive influences around us.

Whether or not you view your struggle as an addiction, you have likely felt the unusual power and tenacity of sexual behaviors. You might be able to stop your behaviors for a while ... but you can't stay stopped. That's the problem.

We need more than simplistic advice and exhortations to purity, which usually leave us with little guidance and a lot of guilt.

The Recovery Journey is a tested, proven program of teaching and support that works.

In the last six years, hundreds of people have gone through this program, and experienced the change of life that it offers. You can read some of their feedback later in this report. Right now though, let's talk about what this program involves.

The Recovery Journey is a 90 day home study course that combines printed teaching resources, recovery meditations, and short "recovery assignments." The program contains 13 weeks of materials, but you are free to work through it as quickly or slowly as you choose. It will help you not only learn about how recovery happens, but actually help you personally take the steps you need in recovery.

We also have a separate course written for partners 

Here is what you will get
when you enroll in the
  Recovery Journey program:

  • Each week -- for the next 90 days -- you'll get an email with downloadable printed materials for each day, called a "Daily Guide."

  • You’ll get an article every day in the "Daily Guide" that consists of teaching about an important aspect of personal recovery and sexual health. This teaching part of the program will help you learn what to focus on in your recovery.

  • As a follow-up to the teaching, you’ll get a specific assignment - a tangible action step - to complete each day that will help you move forward in your recovery. These action steps are designed to be accomplished in a few minutes’ time.

  • You’ll receive links to daily recovery meditations from Hazelden Publishing that are specially targeted to addiction, recovery, and codependence. These meditations are specifically selected for their relevance to recovery from sexual struggles

  • Think of it this way -- with the Recovery Journey program, you will get a solid 90 Day program of materials to either start or re-start your recovery.

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Want to know more?

This program has been developed over the course of four years, and has been steadily improved based on the feedback of the more than 250 people who've gone through it. Here's what some of them had to say:

(Note: due to highly personal nature of this program, we are keeping the identities confidential. These are quotes from emails sent by previous program participants.)

What people who have gone through
the previous version of the Recovery Journey program

have to say about it:

"This program was exactly what I needed to continue my healing from sexual addiction. The daily readings were excellent. Each day, Mark Brouwer provided thoughtful, practical (with a daily action step) advice on how to grow in sexual sanity. This program has given me the tools and the new mindset that I need to keep moving forward in my journey towards healing. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with a sexual addiction."

- John P

"This program has been amazingly helpful in my recovery from sexual addiction. The daily reading material provides excellent wisdom and new ideas that are helpful. The daily “Next Step” exercises are very important to complete and provide an insightful reminder to practice sexual sobriety on a daily basis. The exercises help me to take the ideas out of my head and put them into practice in my life, which was lacking before I gave myself to this program. "

- David W

"Yesterday was my one year mark of sobriety! I want to thank you … [working with you] was definitely a turning point in my recovery. I have discovered for myself that it is possible. That working the program really works.  That a marriage on the verge of collapse can be restored. And that I have a wonderful 2 month old daughter who was conceived, formed, delivered, and is growing up with a father who was and is sober the entire time!"

- Xavier T

"I found your 90 day program online, and am finding it to be by far the best that I have worked through. 

- Shawn  B

"In this program, Mark demonstrates his care for me and my recovery. He expresses genuine love for people in this struggle and provides helpful assistance that is not judgmental but loving. His wisdom and encouragement have been an enormous aid in my recovery."

- Craig S

"This program has been invaluable to me. Although I still struggle with this issue, the program has kept me on a relatively steady path. In other words, without this, who knows where I’d be!

- Brad O

"A big THANK YOU for developing this program. Without this daily recovery tool and the coaching, I would never have been able to keep my recovery program on track. Needless to say, it was well worth the investment! Again, thanks ever so much."

- Will K

"As the wife of a sexual struggler, I am so thankful for your program! Thank you for this service and ministry!!!"

- Beth P


At this point you might be wondering:

Who created this program?
What are their credentials?
Can they offer the expert guidance
I need to deal with this issue?

My name is Mark Brouwer, and after serving as the founding and senior pastor of two churches over the course of 15 years, I shifted the focus of my efforts in 2006 to work full-time helping people find recovery from  sexual struggles. I am a graduate of Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, MI, and Coach University, where I received specific training in life and leadership coaching. 

I have worked since 2006 with Dr. Mark Laaser at Faithful and True Ministries, who is one of the leaders in the sex addiction field. I worked as coordinator of workshops and training events, oversaw the followup (or "aftercare") program, and now continue to speak and lead groups at men's workshops, and training events. I also speak to church and community groups, as well as colleges, seminaries, and missionary training schools, about healthy sexuality and recovery issues.

I am the editor of one of the leading blogs in the sexual recovery field: www.sexualsanity.com. I am contributing author of the book: "A Christian Handbook of Abuse, Addiction, and Difficult Issues," and coauthor (along with Dr. Mark Laaser) of the book: "Sexual Addiction and Internet Pornography" from Kevin Mayhew Publishing.

I have been in recovery from sexual struggles myself, and have been married for 25 years to my wife Charlene. We live in Chicago, Illinois, and have two grown sons.

Here is what other leaders
who know me and have heard
my teaching about recovery
are saying:

"I have known Mark Brouwer for a number of years and have watched his wise teaching grow over time. He is providing very valuable resources to many men around the country. I am pleased to recommend his teaching to you."

 - Dr Mark Laaser, Director of Faithful and True Ministries, and author of numerous books on sexual addiction and marriage restoration

"Mark Brouwer has been my colleague in pastoral ministry and is my friend.  Now he is based just down the street from where I live and work even though he counsels and teaches people across the nation.  Mark is a person of integrity and courage who not only faced his own personal challenges but brings his experiences and professional expertise to compassionately and effectively help others."

 - Dr Leith Anderson, president of National Association of Evangelicals, pastor of Wooddale Church

"What a tremendous resource you are! Your teaching was a great warning, particularly for those who are dabbling with or becoming addicted to not only pornography, but to other addictions as well. Thanks for your work and ministry."
- Rev. Frank Pott, Regional Pastor

"Thank you for your openness, wisdom, and honesty. I think you could tell from the attentiveness of the students and the many questions they asked that what you said really hit home for them. I hope to have you back for future classes at the seminary."

- Dr. Bob Albers, professor at Luther Theological Seminary

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How much does it cost?


This program is based on the wisdom gleaned from working
with hundreds of sexual strugglers in the process of recovery.

I have charged $100 per month for this program,
which is less than half the price of a
single one-hour session with a therapist.

But keep reading: I'm going to offer a discount off that price,
PLUS I'm going to add in some extra bonus resources.

Special Bonus #1

Teleseminar: Sex addiction and the Couple Relationship

couple in black and white

This hour-long recording was one of our highest rated teleseminars, and offers teaching about what sexual strugglers need to know about how their struggles affect their partner, and what to expect from their partner. You'll learn the four things that every struggler needs to know - and tends to forget - about marriage, intimacy, and sexuality in the process of recovery.

Value: $20


Interview with therapist and author Wendy Maltz

Wendy Maltz

This interview is our highest rated teleseminar! Wendy Maltz has written numerous books, including "The Porn Trap" and "The Sexual Healing Journey." In this hour-long interview, she talks about how people who've struggled with sexual addiction can find recovery, and how couples that have damaged by sexual betrayal can be restored.

Value: $20


This program has sold for over $300 just on its own.

With the bonus materials, this program would cost $340

We will be offering this program, along with the bonus

materials for

-- $97 --

We also have a separate course written for partners 

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