A 90 day home study course for partners of sexual strugglers

At last . . . hope, help, and practical wisdom

for people dealing with their partner's

addictive sexual behavior

Dear Friend,

If you are struggling to come to terms with your partner's sexual struggles ... you are not alone! There is hope and help available.

You didn't ask for this problem. But since it's happening in the life of someone you love -- and is undermining your relationship -- you have to deal with it.

But how?

It can be hard to find the right counselors and support groups. And even with those things in place, we can still struggle, because there's so much pain, so much to learn, and so many uncertainties.

I understand what this is like because I've been there myself. My husband and I have worked through his sexual struggles in our marriage. (We've now been married 27 years, and his recovery started in 2001.) As a therapist I have also worked with many other women going through these kinds of struggles with their partners.

Recovery and restoration do happen! The recovery and restoration in our lives and marriage is a demonstration of that ... as is the recovery and restoration in the lives hundreds of people we've worked with since we began doing this work in 2006. The good news is that, no matter what your partner chooses to do, you can grow in your understanding and strength, and be healthy, safe, and at peace.

The Recovery Journey is a tested, proven program of teaching and support that works.

In the last six years, hundreds of people have gone through this program, and experienced the change of life that it offers. So what is this program about? How does it work? First, let's talk about what it involves.

The Recovery Journey is a 90 day home study course that combines printed teaching resources, recovery meditations, and short "recovery assignments." The program contains 13 weeks of materials, but you are free to work through it as quickly or slowly as you choose. It will help you not only learn about how recovery happens, but actually help you personally take the steps you need in recovery.

We also have a separate course

Here is what you will get
when you enroll in the
  Recovery Journey program:

  • Each week -- for the next 90 days -- you'll get an email with downloadable printed materials for each day, called a "Daily Guide."

  • You’ll get an article every day in the "Daily Guide" that consists of teaching about an important aspect of personal recovery and relationship health. This teaching part of the program will help you learn what to focus on during this difficult time.

  • As a follow-up to the teaching, you’ll get a specific assignment - a tangible action step - to complete each day that will help you move forward in recovery. These action steps are designed to be accomplished in a few minutes’ time.

  • You’ll receive links to daily recovery meditations from Hazelden Publishing that are specially targeted to addiction, relationships, and codependence. These meditations are specifically selected for their relevance to recovery from sexual struggles.

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At this point you might be wondering:

Who created this program?
What are their credentials?
Can they offer the expert guidance
I need to deal with this issue?

CharleneMy name is Charlene Brouwer. I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, and received my Master of Arts Degree in Counseling & Psychotherapy from Adler Graduate School in Minneapolis, MN.

I have been married to my husband Mark Brouwer for 27 years, and I am the mother of two grown sons, ages 20 and 23. Originally from Minnesota, I have also lived in Michigan, Oregon, and Texas, and currently reside in Chicago, Illinois.

I maintain membership in the American Association of Christian Counselors, the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology, and am a Prepare/Enrich Facilitator.

My counseling specialties are: Marriage & relationship issues, sexual addiction & recovery, codependency, and dealing with perfectionism.

I am currently in practice in the greater Chicago area with the Chicago Christian Counseling Center. I also work with clients from around the country - and the world - using phone and video conferencing.

In addition to my training, what helps me to help others in this struggle is my own life experiences. My husband Mark has been in recovery from sexual addiction since 2001, and we have been through the ups and downs of sexual struggles and recovery.

Purchase the Recovery Journey

program at no-risk!!

We are very confident that you will find this program helpful, so we are offering it with an absolute guarantee:

If you go through this program

and don't find it to be

the life-changer we promise,

we'll refund your money,

no questions asked!


How much does it cost?


This program is based on the wisdom gleaned from working
with hundreds of sexual strugglers in the process of recovery.

This program used to cost $100 per month,
which is less than the price of a
single one-hour session with a therapist.

But keep reading: I'm going to offer a discount off that price,
PLUS I'm going to add in some extra bonus resources.

Special Bonus #1

Teleseminar: Sex addiction and the Couple Relationship

couple in black and white

This hour-long recording was one of our highest rated teleseminars. It was recorded when I was still in graduate school, and features my husband Mark and I teaching about what sexual strugglers need to know about how their struggles affect their partner, and what to expect from their partner. You'll learn the four things that couples in recovery need to know - and tend to forget - about marriage, intimacy, and sexuality in the process of recovery.

Value: $20


Interview with therapist and author Wendy Maltz

Wendy Maltz

This interview is our highest rated teleseminar! Wendy Maltz has written numerous books, including "The Porn Trap" and "The Sexual Healing Journey." In this hour-long interview, she talks about how people who've struggled with sexual addiction can find recovery, how partners of sex addicts can deal with the pain and confusion created by the addiction, and how relationships damaged by sexual betrayal can be restored.

Value: $20


This program used to cost more than $300 just on its own.

With the bonus materials, this program would cost $$340

We will be offering this program, along with the bonus

materials for $97.

Three month Recovery Journey Program:

-- $97 --

We also have a separate course

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I will instantly receive an email that gives me instructions for getting the weekly installments of my Daily Guides, as well as instructions for downloading the audio bonus materials.

I understand this is an online recovery program, that I will access all training and tools via the Internet and that nothing will be sent to me in the mail.

I understand that by purchasing I am agreeing to all of these terms and conditions.

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